The Digital Arts Program


The Digital Arts program at Bakersfield College is an integral part of the Art Department.

The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in various art and design fields, such as advertising, graphic design, illustration, photography, and digital imaging or for continued study at the bachelor's degree level.

Students have "catalog rights" to the college catalog of the year that they began classes.

This program is being revised. Please check back soon for changes. Look at the Bakersfield College Catalog for the current degree and certificate offerings. 

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27 unit -  Certificate in Digital Arts

Required courses
Art B3    Two Dimensional Design  3 units     
Art B20    Digital Art I - Vector Art     3 units
Art B25    Typography    3 units
Art B40    Digital Illustration     3 units       
Art B41    Advertising Design    3 units  
Art B42    Graphic Design    3 units

Digital Electives - one of these courses:
Art B24    Digital Art II - Raster Art   3 units
Art B16    Digital Photography    3 units      

Art History requirement - one of these courses:
Art B1     Art Appreciation    3 units      
Art B35     Survey History of World Art I   3 units
Art B36     Survey History of World Art II   3 units

Drawing requirement - one of these courses:
Art B2     Basic Drawing    3 units
Art B8    Figure Drawing    3 units

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Student Learning Outcomes
The principles and elements of two dimensional design
Use of the critique process
Production of a portfolio


David Koeth
Digital Arts - Graphic Design

Adel Shafik
Digital Arts - Graphic Design

Kristopher Stallworth
Digital Arts - Photography

Purchasing discount software

The program is currently using Adobe CS 6 Design Standard, and Typetool 3.

California community college students are eligible to purchase software at steep discounts. To find out how, go to: or

*Catalog Rights/Continuous Enrollment (from the BC 2010/2011 catalog)

Bakersfield College students have the right to elect to meet the graduation requirements in effect during the academic year of first enrollment or at the time of graduation. To maintain catalog rights to graduation requirements, a student must remain in continuous enrollment at Bakersfield College. This means the student must earn a grade of A, B, C, D, F, NP, P, I, IP, RD or W in at least one course each academic year. For the purposes of continuous enrollment, an academic year begins with the fall semester and includes the following spring and summer terms. Petitions for exceptions should be directed to the Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs and Student Services.

Catalog rights apply only to Bakersfield College graduation and program requirements. If other institutions change their requirements for entrance, graduation, satisfaction of general education patterns, or in other ways it may be necessary for the student to meet the new requirements upon transfer, even if continuous enrollment has been maintained.